Dongo Tool, Inc.

OD Grinding
Our OD grinding capabilities range from very small parts all the way up to parts that are 107" in length and diameters as large as 35". Typical tolerances are .001 but our equipment allows us to hold tolerances of .0001.
ID Grinding
Our ID grinding capabilities are one of the best in the Midwest area. We can grind ID's from .05 diameter up to 30" diameter. We can reach in 18" on an ID taper grind and up to 25" on larger straight ID's.
Surface Grinding
The surface grinding area has an array of machines that can handle pieces 12" wide by 24" long and up to 15" tall. Some larger pieces can also be run, however this depends on the material and specific tolerances of the job.
The machining department has an NC Saw and manual, as well as CNC, mills and lathes. The CNC lathe can accommodate up to 19" diameters and the vertical mill has a 25" x 48" travel. This way we can be a one stop shop for customers that need a complete part that requires machining and grinding.
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Our inspection department is well stocked and climate controlled. We have a Zeiss CMM that was updated with the latest software. Gage blocks and pins, venires, snap gages, height stands, surface finish testers, along with many other items are available to test customer products before they leave our facility.